C Spire tests 5G in Mississippi with Nokia

20 Jul 2016

Regional US operator C Spire has announced that it has successfully demonstrated a fixed-wireless 5G solution in Mississippi using equipment supplied by Nokia. According to a company press release, the 5G wireless link delivered a direct connection to the telco’s ‘C Spire Fiber’ pay-TV service, including ultra-high definition resolution video, with speeds up to 2.2Gbps and ultra-low latency below 1.4 milliseconds.

C Spire is one of only a handful of US telecoms operators with fibre-optic infrastructure and 28GHz spectrum assets, which it claims will enable it to make the next generation of ultra-fast digital connectivity a reality. Chief technical officer Stephen Bye commented: ‘This is the kind of real-world application that will help change forever how we live, work and play’.

United States, C Spire Wireless