Dutch regulator to end consumer fixed voice regulation

19 Jul 2016

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) is proposing a relaxation of regulation in the country’s residential fixed telephony market. The watchdog says that no one company has a dominant position in terms of fixed voice services for home users, with incumbent telco KPN having seen its market share whittled away by the likes of cableco Ziggo and smaller operators such as Tele2 and Caiway.

ACM says that the traditional PSTN sector has declined in recent years; 85% of connections are now via IP-based access and the regulator expects this figure to rise to 95% by 2019. Most fixed lines are now taken as part of multi-play bundles with internet and/or TV services. The business services sector will remain regulated, however, as KPN retains its dominant position in that market. ACM is calling for comments on its plans before it submits a final proposal to the European Commission (EC) for approval.