TFL deploying NGN fibre broadband in Fiji; TD-LTE pilot successful

18 Jul 2016

Incumbent operator Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL) says it is currently rolling out a next generation network (NGN) to bring fibre-optic broadband services closer to homes and businesses across the island nation. The company’s CEO Mothilal De Silva says that, to date, the project is 30% complete, with plans afoot to finish the rollout by the end of the current quarter. De Silva says that the NGN will ‘revolutionise the telecommunication landscape of Fiji, providing reliable and premium connectivity,’ delivering an ‘unmatched HDTV experience’ and some of the ‘fastest internet download and upload speeds’ in the region. Further, the executive confirmed that last month TFL completed a successful pilot launch of TD-LTE technology for its Connect 4G+ wireless broadband unit. ‘TFL 4G+ is highly suitable for indoor use where the penetrative effect of signals are high,’ said De Silva, adding that the TD-LTE service will augment and complement its fibre-optic rollout. TFL also continues to expand its public ‘Connect WIFI’ deployment, the CEO noted, with almost 200 hotspots already installed around cities, towns and other major centres.

Fiji, Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL)