TEO switches off last analogue exchange

14 Jul 2016

Lithuanian fixed line operator TEO has completed the digitisation of its fixed line network, a process that was started more than a decade ago. The firm, which is majority owned by Sweden’s Telia Company, switched off the last analogue network exchange in Verpena, located in the district of Kelm, at the end of June, meaning that TEO now provides all fixed voice telephony services via digital PSTN exchanges or by using VoIP technology. In 2008 the company embarked on the final phase of its digitisation programme, involving around 45,000 voice customers mainly in remote areas, and since then more than 800 analogue exchanges have been replaced across the country.

‘Connecting a telephone line to a digital exchange results in a substantial improvement in the quality of communication – calls are connected more quickly and the quality of voice is higher,’ commented Andrius Semeskevicius, CTO at TEO and Omnitel, adding: ‘A digital line also provides access to additional services, such as voicemail, call forwarding, and more. In addition, digital exchanges help protect the environment as they consume several times less electricity than the old analogue exchanges.’

Lithuania, Telia Lietuva