Thai cellcos oppose 3G/4G tariff regime

7 Jul 2016

Thailand’s three largest mobile operators AIS, DTAC and True have jointly voiced their opposition to current regulations capping tariffs for 3G and 4G voice, data and messaging services, TelecomAsia reports. The operators told the National Broadcasting & Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) that relaxing the tariff limits would encourage competition and stimulate further development of networks, arguing that price caps have distorted price mechanisms and impeded the evolution of an open market. Currently, the maximum 3G package tariffs are set at: THB0.82 (USD0.02) per minute, THB0.28 per MB, THB1.33 per SMS and THB3.32 per MMS. For 4G packages, the tariff ceilings are set lower, at THB0.69 per minute, THB0.26 per MB, THB1.15 per SMS and THB3.11 per MMS.

DTAC argued that other mobile markets with similar levels of development as Thailand do not impose tariff caps, while noting that tariffs in Thailand are among the lowest in the ASEAN region.