KPN unveils nationwide LoRa network for IoT

4 Jul 2016

KPN has announced that the Netherlands has become the first country in the world to have a nationwide LoRa network for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. LoRa is a low power, long range wide area network technology designed to connect wireless battery-powered equipment such as smart meters and remote sensors. The telco said it switched on its first LoRa equipment last November in Rotterdam and The Hague, and now offers nationwide connectivity. The firm claims that it already has 1.5 million devices contracted to use the network, and adds that it ‘expects LoRa applications for consumers to become more widely available in the course of this year.’

Joost Farwerck, Chief Operations Officer at KPN, commented: ‘Last year we identified an increasing demand for low-power network technology for Internet of Things applications. We are responding to this by choosing LoRa, so millions of devices can be connected to the internet in a cost-effective manner.’ The telco says it has equipped hundreds of existing mobile transmission towers across the Netherlands with a LoRa gateway and antenna, allowing millions of devices to be connected. LoRa is just one of a number of competing technologies designed to operate in either unlicensed or licensed spectrum bands to provide IoT connectivity.

Netherlands, KPN