Austrian 4G SIMs exceeded one million in 4Q15

27 Jun 2016

The number of active 4G SIM cards in Austria more than doubled in the fourth quarter of 2015, with the total exceeding the one million milestone during the three-month period. According to the quarterly statistics report published by the Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting & Telecoms (RTR), the country ended December 2015 with 1.01 million LTE-enabled SIM cards, up from 440,000 three months earlier and just 162,000 as of 31 December 2014.

Out of the roughly 13.51 million total SIMs at the end of 2015, 3G cards made up the majority (10.5 million, down from 10.8 million a year earlier), with 2G SIMs accounting for just two million users, unchanged year-on-year but down from 2.5 million at end-2013.

In the broadband market, the RTR reports that the country ended 2015 with a total of 2.454 million fixed and 2.178 million mobile broadband accesses, up from 2.353 million and 2.171 million, respectively, a year earlier. xDSL connections made up the majority (1.60 million) of fixed broadband customers, followed by cable (788,100), fibre-based (40,300) and fixed-wireless (16,600) accesses.