Arcep to gain a new power to resolve infrastructure disputes

21 Jun 2016

French telecoms regulator Arcep said that it will be given new power to settle disputes between infrastructure access providers in the coming weeks, under the government’s initiative to implement European directive on ‘civil engineering’ of 15 May 2014, which was approved in France in April this year. In order to complete the process, the French government has now proposed the adoption of a number of supplementing directives, granting operators the right to access existing civil engineering infrastructures under reasonable technical and pricing terms and conditions for the purpose of deploying their superfast networks. Arcep said the directives relate to infrastructure belonging to providers operating within the communications, transport, energy and water sectors. By encouraging synergies between the different network industries, whenever relevant, these new provisions will help to further fixed and mobile superfast network rollouts and to improve connectivity and coverage in general, particularly in the more sparsely populated areas and within constrained environments. In addition, more detail has been brought to existing provisions on coordinating civil engineering works, which have also been strengthened.

France, Arcep