iWayAfrica launches business services in Nigeria

16 Jun 2016

African ISP iWayAfrica, a subsidiary of Gondwana International Networks (GIN), has launched operations in Nigeria, with its dedicated Internet, IP transit, MPLS, VSAT backhaul and redundancy services already deployed to major organisations in the country, the Guardian writes. Henry Igbo, Managing Director of iWayAfrica Nigeria, said: ‘Ongoing developments in the telecoms sector has aided in lowering prices and broadening access to infrastructure. iWayAfrica Nigeria identified an opportunity to extend its offering with the launch of New Africa-wide ISP connectivity.’ The executive added: ‘With an already strong market share in VSAT satellite services, iWayAfrica Nigeria now provides connectivity to remote farmers, lodges and other areas with limited infrastructure, as well as in urban areas where VSAT has proven to be a consistently reliable communications tool.’

Nigeria, iWayAfrica Group