DOCOMO, Ericsson claim success in 5G network slicing trial

14 Jun 2016

Swedish equipment vendor Ericsson and Japanese mobile operator NTT DOCOMO have announced success of a joint Proof of Concept (PoC) dynamic network slicing technology for 5G networks, marking a milestone in the development of the next generation of cellular technologies. According to Ericsson, the trial demonstrates how to virtually partition a physical network into multiple co-existing logical networks which are capable of providing the most suitable resources and network topology to different types of services. In the PoC, ‘a slice-management function and network slices based on service requirements were autonomously created, enabling widely varying services to be delivered simultaneously via multiple logical networks. The PoC shows how 5G services could be connected flexibly between networks according to set policies in order to meet specific service requirements for latency, security or capacity.’

Commenting on the trial, Hiroshima Nakamura, GM of R&D strategy at DOCOMO, said: ‘Network slicing has the potential to simultaneously deliver diverse cutting-edge 5G services, for enhanced entertainment as well as further effective and secure communication. We expect the results of our PoC with Ericsson will play an important role in the realisation of highly efficient and secure 5G networking technologies.’

Japan, Sweden, Ericsson, NTT DOCOMO