MTS to launch 187Mbps LTE speeds in Moscow by September

6 Jun 2016

Russian cellco Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) announced in a press release that it is preparing to launch a commercial network upgrade enabling mobile data speeds up to 187Mbps, based on aggregated LTE FDD and LTE TDD spectrum in Moscow by September 2016, with expansion to other regions to follow in due course.

During a testing phase, MTS says it successfully aggregated 10MHz of FDD 1800MHz spectrum with 20MHz TDD 2600MHz bandwidth, increasing internet access speeds to 165Mbps outdoors and 85Mbps indoors, with a theoretical maximum of 187Mbps. The spectrum aggregation also directly improved coverage of each TDD LTE base station by 60%, while enhancing the quality of TDD network coverage inside buildings.

In another set of tests, MTS successfully aggregated three LTE FDD carrier frequencies in the 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz ranges with corresponding spectrum widths of 5MHz, 10MHz and 10MHz. As a result, internet speeds exceeded 163Mbps, compared to possible speeds of 112Mbps if utilising the bands on a standalone basis.

The press release adds that both types of aggregation described above can work simultaneously, while the system ‘automatically determines the optimal regime depending on network conditions and mobile carrier capabilities.’

Russia, Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)