Movistar Argentina claims 3m LTE users; 68% coverage

2 Jun 2016

Movistar Argentina has announced that its LTE user base has passed the three million mark, just 18 months after its launch. The network, which Movistar claims is the country’s most expansive, currently comprises 3,000 base transceiver stations (BTS), giving the cellco coverage of 68% of the country’s population. Service is said to be available in more than 380 locations, including all 23 provincial capitals and the Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires. 52% of Movistar’s 4G traffic is generated in Buenos Aires, it notes.

Among its 4G-related achievements to date, Movistar claims it was the first operator to switch on its 4G network in Argentina, the first to enable service in the Buenos Aires subway, the first to test voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) under laboratory conditions, and the first to trial carrier aggregation (CA) functionality.

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