More than 50% of Finns have access to 100Mbps speeds via fixed connection

2 Jun 2016

More than half of Finland’s households now have access to a fixed broadband connection offering downlink speeds of 100Mbps, according to data released by the nation’s telecoms regulator the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA). Having conducted a study regarding the supply of superfast broadband in spring 2016, the watchdog found that the region with the highest coverage level was Ostrobothnia, where 73% of premises were within reach of a 100Mbps-cabable fixed connection. The FICORA noted that its investigation into superfast broadband availability had been based on a new method of data collection making it possible to obtain information on broadband supply per address. Furthermore, with regards to mobile services offering similar downlink speeds, the regulator said that around 76% of Finns now have access to LTE-based services capable of 100Mbps downlink speeds.