Claro tackles Ponce internet situation with CAF funding

25 May 2016

Claro Puerto Rico has announced that it has deployed high speed broadband networks in underserved parts of Ponce – Puerto Rico’s most populated municipality outside the San Juan metropolitan area. The rollout took place in the districts of Anon Carmelita, Buyones y Tiburones, Calzada, Camino del Sur, Guaraguao and Santa Teresita. The deployment represents the latest phase of Claro’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-backed Connect America Fund (CAF) rollout. Enrique Ortiz de Montellano, president and CEO of Claro PR, commented: ‘Since 2013 we have been working with the FCC to bring high speed internet to locations located in the mountains … We are honoured to provide this service to the residents of the slums in the city of Ponce’.

In 2013 the FCC allocated Claro USD31.5 million from the CAF to facilitate broadband growth across the unincorporated US territory. In Puerto Rico over 100 communities or neighbourhoods and about 30,000 households already have access to the service, Claro claims.