O3b Networks: Digicel Pacific inks deal to triple contracted capacity in region

20 May 2016

Channel Islands-based O3b Networks has announced that its largest telecoms customer, Digicel Pacific, has signed an agreement to significantly upgrade its capacity in Papua New Guinea (PNG), with smaller capacity upgrades in both Narau and Samoa. Digicel Pacific, which is described as one of the leading telecoms operators in six Pacific countries, has been working with O3b Networks since July 2013 in the three aforementioned countries. O3b Networks Limited – a global satellite service provider operating a next-generation satellite network for telecommunications operators, ISPs, enterprise and government customers in emerging markets – confirms that the upgrade is in response to significant growth in internet usage throughout these countries due to Digicel’s upgraded and enhanced 3G/4G mobile network featuring the high-throughput, low latency O3b connection. Further, the satellite services operator notes that by dint of the upgrade, Digicel Pacific will be able to take advantage of the O3b Networks Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite network to bring its customers new and more affordable data packages.

Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, O3b Networks