Bouygues Telecom posts 6% rise in Q1 revenue

13 May 2016

French conglomerate Bouygues Group has reported revenue of EUR6.53 billion (USD7.4 million) for the three months ended 31 March 2016, a decrease of 3% from EUR6.73 billion in the year-ago quarter. The firm generated a net loss attributable to the group (excluding exceptional items) of EUR137.0 million in the first quarter of 2016, a slight improvement from a loss of EUR145.0 million twelve months earlier. Bouygues Telecom recorded a 6% year-on-year rise in revenue, however, from EUR1.06 billion in 1Q15 to EUR1.13 billion, and its EBITDA grew by EUR28 million in the twelve-month period to EUR146 million. The telecoms operator’s net loss narrowed to EUR40 million in Q1 2016 from EUR49.0 million in the year-ago period.

In operational terms, Bouygues Telecom reported a total of 14.99 million subscribers at 31 March 2016 (up from 14.68 million three months earlier), including 12.13 million mobile customers (end-2015: 11.89 million) and 2.86 million fixed broadband subscribers (2.79 million). The operator claimed a total of 5.6 million 4G LTE users at end-March 2016, equivalent to 55% of its mobile base (excluding M2M), compared to 36% in 1Q15.

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