DNA Finland launches gigabit broadband

10 May 2016

Finnish full-service telecoms operator DNA has announced the launch of 1Gbps fibre-optic broadband services, initially available to around 300,000 of the 600,000-plus households covered by its existing HFC broadband network, which previously offered premium package download speeds of 350Mbps. On its website, DNA says that the new DNA Valokuitu Plus (DNA Fibre-optic Plus) services are now available in Helsinki and surrounds, and will shortly be launched in other areas including Oulu in the north, with the entire 600,000 home footprint (across over 38 cities) to be covered within one year. Customers upgrading to the fibre gigabit service require a new modem.

DNA says that the average broadband package speed of its existing subscribers is already around 100Mbps, indicating ready demand for higher bandwidth. DNA’s fixed broadband accesses were up by a net 10,000 year-on-year at 432,000 at 31 March 2016, although this was down from the peak of 436,000 reported at end-December 2015.

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