Telstra reveals plans to spend additional AUD50m as it concludes network review

3 May 2016

Australia’s Telstra has outlined plans to spend an additional AUD50 million (USD38 million) on implementing recommendations stemming from an investigation into the company’s recent mobile network disruptions. In a press release the operator confirmed that, having completed a review of the situation, it had ‘confirmed the root causes of those disruptions and implemented a range of steps to significantly reduce the likelihood of these issues happening again.’ According to Telstra’s chief operations officer Kate McKenzie, work to be carried out includes increasing redundancy in the nodes, adding more capacity to the core network, introducing new processes and procedures for key network element restarts and improving resilience in international connectivity. Specifically, around AUD25 million is expected to be spent on installing real time monitoring equipment, while a further AUD25 million will be invested with a view to increasing capacity so that the network can ‘handle a large number of re-registrations occurring simultaneously.’

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