Algerie Telecom reveals restructuring plan

3 May 2016

Algeria’s Minister of Post and Information and Communication Technology, Imane Houda Feraoun, has revealed the impending restructuring of state-owned domestic telecoms operator Algerie Telecom (AT) and the opening up of its capital to strategic investors, Al Huffington Post Maghreb reports. ‘The restructuring of Algerie Telecom is inevitable in view of current developments worldwide’, the minister was cited as saying, adding that ‘after 15 years of existence, it has become imperative for Algeria Telecom executives to change the organisational structure of the company and review its business strategy and its working methods so as to be in tune with global technological and technical developments.’ In regards to AT’s listing on the local stock exchange, Mrs Houda Feraoun said that an initial public offering (IPO) of the telco is a possibility, as it ‘will boost its efficiency.’

TeleGeography notes that plans for AT’s privatisation have been mooted for several years but have come to nothing. In October 2013 local media sources suggested that the Conseil des Participations de l’Etat (CPE) – the agency managing the Algerian government’s stake in state-owned business entities – was planning to sell the shares of ten nationalised companies, including AT, as part of a strategy to boost the local stock market. Both UK-based Vodafone Group and Orange Group of France have expressed interest in acquiring a stake in the operator’s wireless arm Mobilis.

Algeria, Algerie Telecom (AT)