Unregistered mobile numbers will be deactivated ‘shortly’ after 30 April deadline, says junior minister

25 Apr 2016

Bangladeshi mobile SIM and RUIM cards which remain unregistered after a 30 April deadline will be deactivated ‘shortly’ afterwards, according to State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Tarana Halim, quoted by the Dhaka Tribune. ‘At first, the unregistered SIMs will be deactivated for three hours on 1 May and those will be deactivated permanently in a very short time,’ she announced at an awareness event about biometric SIM registration. Tarana urged all users to complete the re-registration of their SIMs/RUIMs through the biometric system, whilst disclosing that only around 54% of SIM (GSM) and RUIM (CDMA) cards had so far been re-registered with their owners’ confirmed identities in the programme, which was deemed necessary due to previous unsuccessful pre-paid mobile registration attempts. The junior minister also highlighted the expected benefits of full registration in preventing criminal activities, particularly in the crackdown on the illegal VoIP-based unlicensed call routing sector.