Spark welcomes regulatory review

14 Apr 2016

Spark (formerly Telecom New Zealand) has welcomed a government review of the Telecommunications Act 2001 which aims to update legislation to provide improved regulation of converged networks from 2020 onwards. In September last year the government released a discussion document calling for views on how the industry could be better regulated in future, and authorities have now announced a series of high-level policy decisions which set the framework for a review of the 2001 Act.

Spark’s General Manager of Regulation, John Wesley-Smith, commented: ‘We welcome the Government’s early engagement with industry, and its commitment to determining the regulatory settings that will apply from 2020 well in advance of that date. The certainty this will provide will be an important factor in ensuring a healthy, competitive market for the benefit of consumers.’ He added: ‘It’s also important to ensure all levels of the industry have the appropriate regulatory settings to encourage continued investment in better technology and services.’ The government says it will consult further with the industry later this year on details of the Telecommunications Act review.

New Zealand, Spark