Spark launches wireless broadband service as DSL replacement

5 Apr 2016

Spark (formerly Telecom New Zealand) has commercially launched a new wireless broadband service for urban areas of the country, aimed at users with poor quality fixed DSL internet services. The telco is using its 4G wireless network to target low-to-moderate usage households which currently have slow broadband connections due to the distance from their nearest DSL-enabled exchange and who are not passed by high speed fibre infrastructure.

The new ‘Home Wireless Broadband’ service will be rolled out to cities and towns across the country and follows the launch of a similar offering aimed at rural areas in July last year; the firm says Rural Wireless Broadband has now signed up some 30,000 subscribers. There are three tariff options for the new urban service: NZD79.99 (USD54.30) a month for 40GB of internet bandwidth and a landline with free local calls; NZD89.99 a month for 80GB of bandwidth and free local calls; or NZD84.99 for a ‘naked’ 80GB internet service without a landline.

New Zealand, Spark