Sprint CFO sheds light on network plans

11 Mar 2016

Tarek Robbiati, Sprint Corp’s chief financial officer, has offered further insight into the cellco’s network buildout, saying the carrier does not have enough cell sites to provide for the sufficient densification of its network as it works towards the introduction of 5G. Robbiati made the remarks during Deutsche Bank’s Media, Internet and Telecom conference this week, with RCR Wireless quoting him as saying: ‘4G is almost a thing of the past. We are building a 5G network for the future, and 5G networks are fundamentally different to 4G networks. They are all around high capacity and the more spectrum you have, the more capacity you have … That requires a fair bit of densification. Densification is a word this industry will hear about for the next ten years at least. The most efficient spectrum for high capacity networks is high frequency spectrum’. Robbiati noted that Sprint’s 40,000-strong tower footprint is too insubstantial to leverage its 2.5GHz spectrum holdings for such purposes, and suggested that the use of small cells will come into play as a way of ‘putting a lot more spectrum on air’.

United States, Sprint Corporation (became part of T-Mobile US)