Portuguese incumbent to ditch copper network by 2020

10 Mar 2016

PT Portugal, which operates under the MEO brand name, has disclosed plans to replace its legacy copper infrastructure with fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) technology by 2020. Total Telecom cites PT’s chief technology officer Alexandre Fonseca as saying: ‘[In 2017] we will start shutting down the digital switches, taking out the copper, selling the copper … In three-to-four years we will be almost, if not totally, copper-free’. The comments were made at Total Telecom’s Gigabit Copper conference in Brussels earlier this week.

TeleGeography notes that PT Portugal has been investing in FTTH since 2008 and unveiled its first fibre-based access service, ‘MEO Fibra’, in May 2009. As per the last coverage metric provided by parent company Altice Group, the telco had passed 2.112 million homes by 30 September 2015. Fonseca has subsequently confirmed that the network passed the 2.5 million mark by year-end, with ongoing FTTH rollouts currently passing premises at a rate of 60,000 per month.

Portugal, Altice Portugal (MEO)