ZTE deploying 100G backbone for Ethio Telecom in western, southern Ethiopia

9 Mar 2016

China’s ZTE Corp has been selected by Ethio Telecom to construct its 100Gbps dense wavelength division multiplexing optical transport network (DWDM/OTN) backbone transmission network in the western and southern regions of Ethiopia. The 100G DWDM/OTN infrastructure will raise transmission capacity ten-fold and help Ethio Telecom develop 3G, LTE and broadband services, ZTE’s press release reads.

Ethio Telecom is an integrated telecommunication service provider in Ethiopia, providing fixed line, mobile and internet services. With rapid development of 2G, 3G, LTE, fixed line voice and broadband services, Ethio Telecom needs to deploy a large-capacity national transmission backbone network to meet high-bandwidth requirements. The 100G DWDM/OTN transport solution being supplied by ZTE integrates intelligent WASON (WDM automatic switch optical network) and polarization-division multiplexing quadrature phase shift keying (PM-QPSK) modulation, coherent reception and software decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) key technologies. The press release adds that the new backbone ‘will be built to achieve a large-capacity OTN cross, optical network intelligent scheduling and ultra-long distance transmission’, helping Ethio Telecom respond to the development and evolution of future business.

Ethiopia, Ethio Telecom, ZTE