Entel deploys ‘fibre-like’ satellite backhaul to Easter Island

9 Mar 2016

Entel Chile has deployed satellite provider O3b’s ‘fibre-like’ backhaul solution, O3bTrunk, to Easter Island, enabling the cellco to roll out 3G and 4G services on the remote island. The new link will also allow Entel to provide fixed broadband access on the island, previously a challenging prospect due to the island’s location, some 3,700km away from the Chilean mainland. Home to around 6,000 people, the island also plays host to more than 80,000 visitors a year.

In its press release, O3b explained that its O3bTrunk solution ‘delivers latency equivalent to long haul fibre, with round-trip times of less than 150 milliseconds. This allows access to improved quality voice, streaming high definition (HD) video, social media, online gaming, enterprise software applications and overall performance for the end user on par with connections in Santiago or other mainland cities.’

Chile, Entel Chile, O3b Networks (part of SES)