Lebanon’s telecoms minister promises nationwide 4G this year

8 Mar 2016

Zawya quotes Lebanon’s telecoms minister Boutros Harb as saying that the country will enjoy nationwide 4G LTE services by the end of this year. Speaking at the ArabNet 2016 event, Harb stated that networks will be ‘ready to cover all Lebanon’ by September. LTE services are offered by the two Lebanese state-owned, foreign-managed cellcos, Touch and Alfa, which both launched their commercial 4G networks in May 2013.

Harb added in his speech that his ministry will drive the expansion of fibre-optics this year, starting with large corporations, until high speed fibre services reach ‘every town in Lebanon’. Harb had announced last year during a conference that fibre-optic networks will be installed in Lebanon progressively over five years and the country will be totally connected through this technology by 2020.