Ifetel confirms AWS spectrum allocations

4 Mar 2016

Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications Institute (Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones, Ifetel) has confirmed the precise Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum blocks that were awarded to America Movil (AM)-backed Telcel (registered as Radiomovil Dipsa) and AT&T Mexico (registered as AT&T Comunicaciones Digitales) last month. AT&T scooped paired AWS-1 spectrum in the 1730MHz-1755MHz/2130MHz-2155MHz bands, while Telcel has been allocated spectrum at 1710MHz-1730MHz/2110MHz-2130MHz, as well as AWS-3 spectrum in the 1760MHz-1780MHz/2160MHz-2180MHz bands.

The two companies now have 30 days within which to pay their preliminary licence fees, although the full cost of the concessions will be spread over the course of the licences’ 15-year lifespans. Initial payments have been set at MXN2.1 billion (USD117.4 million) for Telcel and MXN1.0 billion for AT&T. In total, the process will generate MXN43.7 billion for the Mexican government, of which Telcel will pay MXN31.0 billion and AT&T MXN12.7 billion.