Telkom, Telkomsel present first ‘seamless’ Wi-Fi service in Indonesia

2 Mar 2016

Indonesian mobile operator Telkomsel, together with parent company Telkom Indonesia, have launched what they claim is the country’s first seamless Wi-Fi mobile solution. Branded ‘Telkomsel Flashzone – Seamless’, the new service utilises Telkom’s Wi-Fi network to act as an additional cellular network, the pair said in a joint press release. Under the collaboration the two firms claim to be able to provide high speed and high stability internet connectivity in Indonesia, by allowing customers to automatically transition between 2G/3G and Wi-Fi. Flashzone can be accessed by customers using a suitable smartphone with Seamless Wi-Fi technology or EAPSIM (Extensible Authentication Protocol – Subscriber Identity Module). Devices also mentioned as being suitable are a BlackBerry with OS 5 to OS 7, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note and S3.