CITC adopts new guidelines on interconnection, access to physical facilities

23 Feb 2016

Saudi Arabian telecoms regulator the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has adopted the draft Interconnection Guidelines and the Guidelines for Access to Physical Facilities, which were first published on its website in November 2014. The watchdog highlighted that Decision 333/1437 was taken in order to reflect ‘the technological and market developments in ICT since the current Interconnection Guidelines were issued in 2003’. The updated Guidelines for Access to Physical Facilities establish new rules governing access to physical facilities, including collocation and sharing of physical facilities; provide a framework for access to physical facilities and networks in a technologically neutral manner; foster investment in and deployment of next generation networks (NGN); and establish a process for dealing with access disputes, among other things. The Interconnection Guidelines, meanwhile, seek to ensure that all service providers are treated fairly and in a non-discriminatory manner, with respect to the provision of interconnection services, to ensure good practice with respect to interconnection services between service providers and to promote the provision of high quality services for interconnection through technical and economic efficiency.

Saudi Arabia, Communications and IT Commission (CITC)