China Mobile to continue rural network expansion

23 Feb 2016

China Mobile is planning to continue expanding mobile coverage into rural and remote areas of the country in an effort to reduce the digital divide, RCR Wireless cites Chairman Shang Bing as saying. To date, the company has already invested CNY45 billion (USD6.89 billion) to provide connectivity to villages across the country, with 99.5% of the population currently served by the cellco’s networks. The official noted that China’s telecom sector is critical to its economic success. The official described the segment as ‘key for the domestic economy to improve its competitive advantage,’ adding that: ‘In this process, the communications industry is playing a very important and strategic role. We have seen that the economy is highly integrated with communications technologies.’

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, China Mobile ended 2015 with 826.24 million mobile customers, of which 169.38 million were 3G users and 312.28 million were LTE subscribers.

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