Orange France to shut down PSTN network

18 Feb 2016

French telecoms provider Orange has informed regulator Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (Autorite de Regulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes, Arcep) and rival operators of its intention to gradually phase out its PSTN network, which is the backbone of traditional analogue and digital telephone services. Arcep disclosed that while it does not oppose Orange’s resolution, as outlined in Decision No 2014-1102 of September 2014, it will impose a number of requirements on the operator, in particular Orange must give a notice of the shutdown in any part of the country at least five years in advance. Arcep also said that it will ensure that the conditions under which the technological transition is carried out guarantee fair and effective competition between operators; the regulator is planning to hold a meeting on the matter on 17 March. Orange is yet to disclose a specific date for the PSTN switch-off.

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