Telefonica forms new global infrastructure company

11 Feb 2016

Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica has announced the creation of Telxius, a new global company which brings together certain infrastructure assets belonging to the group. In a press release, Telefonica said the incorporation of the new entity is part of the optimisation strategy for its asset portfolio. Telxius will enable the management of Telefonica’s infrastructure on a global scale, allowing ’a more specialised and focused approach, with the aim of increasing the services provided to other operators, improving the return on capital invested and allowing Telxius to participate more actively in the growth opportunities that exist in the industry, including the possibility of incorporating third party assets’.

The infrastructure assets to initially be brought together in the new company will include approximately 15,000 Telefonica telecommunication towers in Spain and other countries, as well as the Telefonica Group´s international network of 31,000km of submarine fibre optic cable, including SAM-1, a submarine cable that connects the United States with Central and South America. Meanwhile, a number of newly created companies, including the aforementioned assets, are expected to be gradually integrated into Telxius ‘over the coming months’.

Spain, Telefonica, Telxius