Fastweb fibre available to 1m Roman homes

11 Feb 2016

Italian ISP Fastweb says it has now passed a million homes and businesses in Rome with its 100Mbps fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks. The operator says it has invested EUR220 million (USD250 million) to deploy 2,200km of fibre-optic cable to cover 70% of the Italian capital. Fastweb has also this week launched its ‘WOW FI’ wireless internet hotspot service in Rome. WOW FI opens up a customer’s home Wi-Fi router so that the signal can be accessed by any Fastweb subscriber via a mobile device. Fastweb’s FTTH infrastructure now passes 6.3 million premises nationwide, with the firm claiming 2.2 million broadband subscribers at the end of 2015.

Italy, Fastweb