RRT publishes results of 900MHz, 1800MHz spectrum auction

9 Feb 2016

Lithuania’s Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT) has published the final results of its auction of spectrum in the 880MHz-915MHz and 925MHz-960MHz paired frequency range, and the 1710MHz-1785MHz and 1805MHz-1880MHz paired band. The country’s three existing mobile network operators – Tele2, Omnitel and Bite Lithuania – were the only participants in the auction, bidding a combined total of EUR38.1 million (USD42.5 million). With the highest bid of EUR14.3 million, Omnitel won the right to choose its preferred spectrum first, and the TeliaSonera-owned company selected block A2 (891.7MHz-903.3MHz and 936.7MHz-948.3MHz) and block B1 (1710MHz-1735MHz and 1805MHz-1830MHz). Mobile market leader Tele2 paid EUR13.7 million for its chosen blocks A3 (903.3MHz-914.9MHz and 948.3MHz-959.9MHz) and B2 (1735MHz-1760MHz and 1830MHz-1855MHz), while third-placed Bite Lithuania bid EUR10.1 million for A1 (880.1MHz-891.7MHz and 925.1MHz-936.7MHz) and B3 (1760MHz-1785MHz and 1855MHz-1880MHz).

The trio currently have the right to use the frequencies for wireless telephony and data services until 31 October 2017, and as such, the new licences will be valid from 1 November 2017 to 31 October 2032. Omnitel, Tele2 and Bite will be required to ensure territorial coverage of at least 98% within three years from the date of authorisation, as well as ensuring high speed (at least 30Mbps) wireless broadband population coverage of at least 85% of the country from 1 January 2020.