Drop the BASE: Telefonica unifies E-Plus premium brands under O2 name

4 Feb 2016

Telefonica Deutschland, Germany’s largest mobile operator by subscribers, has said that it is discontinuing the BASE and E-Plus brands, as part of efforts to unify its brand and tariff portfolio, following the acquisition of wireless operator E-Plus in October 2014. The company will focus on the O2 moniker, which will become the sole brand in the premium segment. Customers of BASE and E-Plus will be gradually transferred to O2 over the coming months, although terms and conditions will remain unchanged, and customers will retain the same services at the same price as set out in their former BASE and E-Plus tariffs. Additionally, in the future customers will be able to benefit from O2’s LTE network, with joint use of the 4G infrastructure planned to start by mid-year.

‘O2 is our strong premium brand, which offers our customers the best experience in products and services – both in the O2 shops as well as online,’ commented Markus Haas, chief operating officer of Telefonica Deutschland Holding, adding: ‘Since our tariff and service structure is quite similar to the ones of BASE and E-Plus, we decided to significantly simplify our brand world as well as the respective technical platforms. For customers of BASE and E-Plus solely the brand name and the label of their tariffs will change. All other contract based services and terms will remain unchanged.’ While pledging to continue pursuing a focused multiple-brand strategy, Telefonica Deutschland has noted that the transfer of BASE and E-Plus customers to O2 will contribute to a significant simplification of structures, technical platforms and processes.

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