Comcast outlines DOCSIS 3.1 launch plans

3 Feb 2016

US cable giant Comcast has announced plans to introduce one of the world’s first DOCSIS 3.1-powered Gigabit internet services to residential and business customers in Atlanta and Nashville, in early 2016. Going forward, Chicago, Detroit and Miami will all be added to the cableco’s DOCSIS 3.1 footprint in the second half of the year. Bill Connors, the Comcast Central Division President, commented: ‘DOCSIS 3.1 represents a tremendous step forward in our commitment to keeping customers at the technology forefront’. Last month, Comcast announced that it had successfully installed its first DOCSIS 3.1 modem in Philadelphia, and another was installed in Atlanta a few days later.

United States, Comcast Corp (Xfinity, incl. Xfinity Mobile)