Airtel Zambia spending USD48m on network upgrades

26 Jan 2016

Airtel Zambia is investing more than USD48 million to upgrade its network infrastructure across the country, AllAfrica reports. Commenting on the company’s expenditure, Airtel Zambia’s technical director, Abhishek Budhawani, was cited as saying: ‘We are investing USD48 million to upgrade our infrastructure countrywide, the installation of fibre network in Kasama and Ndola to Solwezi is almost complete and that will improve service delivery.’

Meanwhile, Mr Budhawani confirmed that the power situation in the country had affected service provision but that the company was investing another USD30 million to procure and install generators to improve power supply. ‘The power situation in the country has affected operations, because prolonged load-shedding means our generators get overloaded, which in the process affect network operations. That is why we want to increase power output by installing more generators,’ the executive said regarding the matter.

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