Vivendi commits to Telecom Italia projects

20 Jan 2016

French media group Vivendi has said it is keen to use its position as the largest single investor in Italian fixed and mobile operator Telecom Italia to help the telco develop strategic projects. Vivendi’s Chief Executive, Arnaud de Puyfontaine, has been quoted by Reuters this week as telling the Italian Senate’s Public Works and Industry Committees: ‘We are industrial and long term investors; we are in Italy to realise an ambitious project together with other shareholders, stakeholders and the government whom we esteem.’ The French group recently upped its stake in Telecom Italia to 21.39%, but has not confirmed whether it plans to raise its interest any further. Telecom Italia now offers all fixed and mobile services under the ‘TIM’ banner following a rebranding exercise. The operator is looking to work alongside the government and alternative telcos to deploy fibre-based broadband networks nationwide to meet EU Digital Agenda targets.