Venezuela’s Digitel trumpets LTE, 3G expansion

19 Jan 2016

Venezuela’s third-placed cellco Digitel, part of Grupo Cisneros, controlled by domestic tycoon Oswaldo Cisneros, has highlighted its progress in developing its 3G and 4G mobile networks in 2015. In a press release on the company’s website, Digitel says its 4G LTE network – launched as the first of its kind in Venezuela in Q3 2013 – gained 28 new active base station sites during 2015, across various regions including Gran Caracas, Guarenas-Guatire, Altos Mirandinos, Valles del Tuy, Occidente, Andes, Oriente and Guayana. Another press release adds that Digitel’s 4G LTE device range continues to grow, with the ZTE Blade A410 and Alcatel Pixi 3 the latest 4G devices added to the range.

Among the 3G W-CDMA/HSPA+ enhancements made during 2015, Digitel doubled the voice and data traffic capacity of its 3G network in several regions of the country, while adding 32 new NodeB 3G sites in various regions to upgrade the network. Additionally, fibre-optic transmission infrastructure was expanded to enhance both 3G and 4G services, in areas including Maracaibo, Puerto Ayacucho, Cerro Orinoco, Central and Eastern Llanos.

Digitel claimed a total mobile subscriber base of ‘more than 6.5 million users’ at the end of 2015, roughly unchanged in a year.

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