Waiting game: telcos face a further two-year delay before entering pay-TV sector

13 Jan 2016

Argentina’s telcos are set to face a further two-year delay before entering the country’s pay-TV sector, it has been suggested. According to a report by Rapid TV News, the newly formed government has opted to postpone long-gestating plans to introduce full convergence, in a bid to give pay-TV providers more time to prepare for the introduction of competition. The website cites a report by industry body TEPAL, which cautioned: ‘The former regulatory division between sectors and industries limited the development of competition and the broadband democratisation for the entire society … But the two-year margin for both telcos and cablecos to equal their power within the market is not enough. A temporary condition cannot bring symmetry by itself – it needs to be complemented by other measures aiming to balance the inequalities inside each market.’

TeleGeography notes that Argentina’s regulatory landscape is currently in a state of flux, with Mauricio Macri’s government planning to merge the Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communication Services (Autoridad Federal de Servicios de Comunicacion Audiovisual, AFSCA) and the Federal ICT Authority (Autoridad Federal de Tecnologias de la Informacion y las Comunicaciones, AFTIC) into a new entity known as the National Entity for Communications (Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones, ENACOM). The regime change is expected to see large parts of the ‘Argentina Digital’ law, which was passed as recently as 19 December 2014, overhauled.

Argentina, Autoridad Federal de las TIC (AFTIC)