Huawei denies Guinea-Bissau contract, but admits to ‘great interest’ in forging partnership

13 Jan 2016

Macauhub writes that Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies, via its local representative in Guinea-Bissau, has clarified that it has not yet signed a contract with Companhia de Telecomunicacoes da Guine-Bissau (Guine Telecom) for the USD60 million modernisation and relaunch of its mobile network, but stressed its ‘great interest’ in establishing a ‘good partnership’ with the State Secretariat for Transport and Communications that it hopes will contribute to the ‘modernisation efforts of that Guinean sector’.

Last week it was reported that Guinea-Bissau’s incumbent Guine Telecom had signed a contract with Huawei to enable the upgrade and modernisation of its networks, with a specific focus on relaunching its ‘Guinetel’ mobile service. It was widely reported by local press that the collaboration plan, titled the ‘Guinea Bissau GT Network Modernization Project’, would target investment of XOF36 billion (USD59.7 million) and would culminate in the incumbent regaining its footing as the country’s third mobile operator, after having to effectively abandon mobile services in 2014 amid a chronic lack of equipment and infrastructure capacity on its cellular network. According to the reports, under the Huawei-led upgrade the vendor planned to deploy some 150 base transceiver stations to support the relaunch.

Guinea-Bissau, Companhia de Telecomunicacoes da Guine-Bissau, Guinetel, Huawei Technologies