Astelit losing its smile to win corporate customers?

13 Jan 2016

Ukraine’s third-placed mobile network operator Astelit is reportedly planning to rebrand itself to ‘lifecell’ from its current ‘life:)’ branding, reports BizLigaNet, as it attempts to reposition its services from the budget/youth market to a wider audience including corporate clients. The newspaper notes that in September 2015 the domain was registered, although Astelit is yet to give an official statement on its apparent plans. Meanwhile, telecoms forums have displayed a new brand logo for ‘lifecell’ apparently based closely on the branding of Astelit’s parent company Turkcell. Astelit’s CEO Burak Ersoy said in a recent interview with Interfax: ‘This year we will work to change our positioning. We want to become an operator for all – for families, large and small businesses to major corporate clients.’

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