New venture FirstNet promises rural broadband coverage in Indonesia

7 Jan 2016

Indonesian conglomerate the Lippo Group is planning to launch a new satellite-based broadband service in the country, dubbed FirstNet, in an effort to bring internet access to rural and remote areas of the archipelago. The Jakarta Globe newspaper quotes Ariyanto Koesdinar, director of ISP Delta Nusantara Networks, a subsidiary of Lippo Group-controlled sister company First Media which already offers the FastNet cable-based service, as saying that the satellite offering promises access speeds of 2Mbps-20Mbps using VSAT infrastructure, with costs starting from IDR15 million (USD1,085) per month. The Delta official adds that the company has already invested between USD1.5 million and USD2 million on two satellite transponders to support the service, with a focus on targeting the corporate client segment. ‘There is still a very big opportunity for internet companies in Indonesia … [and] VSAT can fill in gaps in remote areas where the infrastructure is challenging,’ Ariyanto told the paper. ‘We can reach remote areas which are typically harder for cables to reach, so plantation companies or mining companies can use the service, as well as schools and hospitals,’ he added.

Delta Nusantara Networks has entered into a partnership with local satellite operator Adiwarta to launch FirstNet, which it hopes will compete with the likes of Indosat-owned IM2 and Telkom Indonesia’s Metrasat and IndiHomeSky service, all of which use similar VSAT to offer internet access in far flung parts of the country.

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