Ericsson, Telstra and Qualcomm partner on 4x4 MIMO demonstration

23 Dec 2015

Ericsson, Telstra and Qualcomm Technologies have jointly carried out a live demonstration of 4×4 MIMO technology, supporting peak downlink data speeds of up to 380 Mbps, in what they have termed ‘a foundational step towards download speeds of 1Gbps in the commercial network’. The technology milestone was delivered by Ericsson Networks Software 16B for LTE and the Qualcomm Snapdragon X12 LTE modem, which supports 4×4 Spatial Multiplexing combined with 256 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM), and was tested over Telstra’s commercial infrastructure. 4×4 MIMO with 256 QAM is, the Swedish vendor noted in a press release, expected to be supported on smartphones in 2016, with the technology said to be an ideal solution to boost indoor and outdoor app coverage for faster access to content and applications.

Commenting on the development, Mike Wright, Telstra Group managing director (networks), was cited as saying: ‘We are constantly looking to enhance our customers’ user experience and 4×4 MIMO will be an important addition to our mobile network speeds and capacity. We initially demonstrated 1Gbps capability in an end-to-end network on 5 November 2015. Now, this next step in device evolution, achieved by Ericsson and Qualcomm, shows 4×4 MIMO with 256 QAM in combination. This brings us even closer to offering 1Gbps capabilities to our customers.’

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