Government supporters oppose CANTV privatisation proposals

16 Dec 2015

Thousands of Venezuelans have taken to the streets of the capital Caracas and several other cities to display support for the workers of state-owned telecommunications company CANTV after it was threatened with re-privatisation by opposition politicians, who, following recent elections, will hold a two-thirds majority of the National Assembly from 5 January 2016. reports that in a rally attended by CANTV President and Minister for Science & Technology Manuel Fernandez, workers and supporters of the full-service telco/broadcaster gathered at CANTV’s headquarters and released a statement rejecting the ‘destabilising’ plans of the opposition. CANTV was nationalised in May 2007, since when it has ramped up efforts to provide affordable fixed line, broadband, mobile and TV services to rural, disadvantaged and underserved sections of the population under socialist policies.

Venezuela, CANTV, Ministry of Higher Education, Science & Technology (MPPEUCT)