Alcatel-Lucent supports Fastweb Wi-Fi service

11 Dec 2015

The Italian ISP Fastweb has contracted Alcatel-Lucent to support its ‘WOW FI’ wireless internet hotspot service. Using Alcatel-Lucent’s IP service routing and Motive authentication, authorisation and accounting technologies, the telco is planning to open up its customers’ home Wi-Fi routers so that the signal can be accessed by any Fastweb subscriber via a mobile device. The service has been trialled in the cities of Monza and Livorno and is now being expanded to Milan, with Rome, Florence, Turin, Bologna, Genoa and all the other cities served by Fastweb’s network to be added ‘soon’.

Roberto Loiola, Senior Vice-President for Southern and Central Europe at Alcatel-Lucent, commented: ‘Using our IP networking product knowledge and expertise we have created a solution for Fastweb that can easily evolve to offer cloud-based services in the future.’ According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, Fastweb – a subsidiary of Swisscom – had 2.17 million broadband customers at the end of September 2015, giving it around 15% of the country’s retail internet market.

Italy, Alcatel-Lucent, Fastweb