5G: Verizon targets 2017 for first commercial service

10 Dec 2015

Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s chief executive officer, has confirmed that the carrier aims to begin commercial test services of its ultra-high speed 5G wireless services in 2017. It is understood the pilot network will be installed in Verizon’s Basking Ridge, New Jersey headquarters in January 2016 and will involve ‘a limited number of users’. Verizon – the largest mobile provider in the US by subscribers – expects to realise peak data throughput of up to 1Gbps, with McAdam quoted as saying: ‘I showed my board the service in November’, adding that ‘you don’t ever go to a board with something that’s not real’. The CEO went on to say that the company’s 5G deployment will see trials being run in San Francisco, New York and Boston next year, although for ‘most’ Verizon users, it will be 2017 before they can experience 5G – with ‘official commercial mass rollout’ expected to take place during the course of that year. 5G smartphones, however, are not likely to become widely available until 2018 at the earliest. ‘What 5G is, is much more designed for video, we call it more use-case defined. It will be more point-to-point solutions. And you will be able to do up to one gigabit of service over that technology,’ he said, noting that the deployment will reduce the need for Verizon to roll out fibre broadband in a number of locations.

United States, Verizon Wireless