Telecel to sue TelOne over USD4.7 million unpaid fees

3 Dec 2015

Zimbabwean mobile operator Telecel is suing state-owned fixed line services provider TelOne for more than USD4.7 million which is owed in unpaid interconnect fees. Telecel, which is itself 60% government-owned following the state’s recent buyout of Vimpelcom’s interest, claims it has exhausted other methods of trying to recover the debt. According to a report from NewsDay, TelOne is preparing to defend the suit. Since their interconnect agreement was signed in April 2013, Telecel says TelOne has made just two payments, of USD300,000 and USD100,000 in August and October 2015, respectively. By end-January 2015 TelOne owed USD4.36 million, and this had risen to USD5.14 million six months later. Following the two recent payments, Telecel says: ‘The amount due and owing, which is undisputed, is USD4,755,369.70.’

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