Mozambique government to push network sharing

20 Nov 2015

The government of Mozambique has passed the first reading of a new bill to amend telecoms legislation to oblige operators to share their infrastructure. A report from the Mozambique news agency AIM says the bill is designed to promote convergence by using a single infrastructure to carry voice, data, images, radio and television. Minister of Transport and Communications Carlos Mesquita said that ‘in order to improve the functioning of the telecommunications market and guarantee the basic rights of consumers’ it would now be obligatory for phone companies ‘to share the existing infrastructures’. The minister says the move should ‘contribute to an increase in coverage of rural areas, an increase in the number of citizens served by high performance fibre-optic networks, and continual improvement in the average internet speed’. Fixed broadband penetration in Mozambique is low by regional standards, with under 1% of households subscribing to wireline internet services, according to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database.